How freelance copywriters pay for themselves

Writing for a business may seem like a task that can be entrusted to the owner or a manager. 

But these words are vitally important, because they are your salespeople when no salespeople are present.

These words should be selling on your website, your brochure and your social media updates.

Given the importance of your words, it’s obvious that hiring a specialist makes sense – especially if that specialist can help you get more sales.

But let’s look at what copywriters offer.

1. They are professional writers.

They know what they’re doing – they understand how different customers relate to different words. They understand how to get your customers to actually BUY from you and not someone else. They will make your company look professional and knowledgeable. And they will help portray your business in the best possible light.

2. They know what your competition are doing.

Freelance copywriters also bring experience of other businesses – and other industries. This broad expertise can help your business avoid common pitfalls – and make the most of marketing opportunities.

Copywriters are also experts who know the latest trends in writing, content and marketing.

3. Free up your precious time.

As a business owner, you have so many different things on your plate. Perhaps you’re busy meeting clients, managing your staff or developing new products. The last thing you want to do is sit down and write a 750-word blog post every week.

Freelancers have the time to focus on your content. You can rest easy knowing that all your content writing needs are being met, week in, week out.

4. Flexibility and affordability.

You can choose to scale up or scale down a project at any time. And many freelancers are happy to take on projects of any size – big or small.

This can also be handy from a financial point of view.

If you are really strapped for cash and can’t invest in a massive content marketing project, then you could ask your freelance copywriter to just focus on one part of your business – perhaps your blog posts or your product descriptions. Even small changes to the quality of your copy can yield a big difference in terms of clicks, conversions and sales.

Hiring a freelancer will also be a lot more affordable than hiring an in-house content writer who you need to pay month after month after month.

Many freelancers work from home and don’t have massive overhead costs, so can ultimately offer you reasonable rates.

5. They want to impress.

Freelancers rely on recommendations from clients.

Because of this, they take pride in their work and aim to impress you enough to earn a recommendation or a testimonial.

6. They will focus on your copy. Just your copy.

Let’s be honest. If you or your marketing manager are trying to write copy while managing hundreds of other processes, your copy won’t receive the attention it deserves.

This would be a missed opportunity, given the potential power of words to persuade, convince and sell.

Just seems a no-brainer really, doesn’t it?

What do you think?

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