Copywriters Survey 2019

Can you spare 7 minutes to contribute to our survey?

Our latest survey of professional copywriters is now live, and we’re asking you to share your experiences.

You are incredibly important to this project, because your voice makes our report more reflective of our community.

Without a large sample size, our report cannot truly represent the thousands of commercial writers working in the UK today.

Our survey is a snapshot of the commercial writing profession, examining:

  • Rates
  • Job satisfaction
  • Career prospects
  • Brexit anxiety
  • And lots more

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About this survey

The ProCopywriters survey…

  • Takes 7 minutes to complete
  • Is completely anonymous
  • Is delivered as a free report around April/May


Why do we run this survey?

Copywriters often work independently. Even those copywriters that work in-house or within an agency often find themselves as the only copywriter in the team. And this independence can make it more difficult to compare your own development to your peers.

Having a survey like this, which is focused solely on copywriters serving the UK market, means we can all have an understanding of what an ‘average’ copywriter looks like.

The results of our survey might help you understand the changing market, plan your next steps, evaluate your earnings – and generally feel a greater sense of connection to your peers.

Without this survey, there would be less transparency around the work of commercial writers, which could lead some people to miss out on opportunities or accept rates below market standards.

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