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It’s a question I’m often asked, “Who owns the copyright to the work you produce?”  It’s an easy one to answer.  The client does.  Let me expand on that.

I am aware some freelance copywriters insist they retain copyright on their work, though why on earth any client would agree to such terms is beyond me.  It certainly isn’t the way I operate.

As with any transaction ownership transfers from the seller (copywriter) to the new owner (the client) on completion of the transaction.

In other words, once copy has been paid for and handed over to the client, you own all the rights to the material.  It is yours to use however they so wish

For example, as a client, you may take an article and submit it to a trade publication under your own name.

You can also repurpose the content by reprinting all or part of a blog post in a promotional leaflet or take a hardcopy brochure and turn it into a landing page on your website.

Similarly, product descriptions written for an e-commerce website may be used in a printed catalogue.  Or a white paper may be published and distributed through all online and offline media.

It could also feature on a website as a downloadable PDF.  In fact repurposing all your content, whether digital or hardcopy,  should be a big part of your content marketing strategy.

There has got to be a ‘but’ coming?

Not really.  The only provisoes are those contained in the contract we will sign before the start of the project.  These are pretty straightforward.

As I mentioned above, all copyright and intellectual property are transferred to you once my fees have been paid in full.

But, until the fee is paid, I retain the copyright and the work cannot be used.  The only other little caveat is that I retain the right to use a sample of the work in my portfolio.  That’s it.

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