10 reasons to outsource your blog posts

Matthew Drzymala

Indelible Think Copywriting | Copywriter & Brand Voice Consultant

Pretty much every business these days has a blog page on their website. But keeping it updated takes up a lot of time, so it’s not uncommon for them to end up being forgotten about.

Here’s the thing: The only thing worse than not having a blog page is having one that’s not been updated since 2017.

So, if this sounds like yours, why not outsource your blog posts?

But look, I get it.

There are many reasons you might not want to outsource, the most likely being cost or being unsure if an agency or freelancer will get what your business is all about.

Honestly, this rarely happens unless the brief to the writer isn’t clear. Or you’re working with a writer on Upwork who’ll knock out any old crap for $10.

10 reasons to outsource your blog posts

Outsourcing does cost, but the benefits far outweigh the initial outlay. So, if you’re not finding time to get anything written, here are ten reasons why you should consider outsourcing:

1. It saves you time

Yep, it’s true!

When you’re growing your business, especially if you’re starting out alone, finding the time to write about your business is time you really don’t have.

So, outsourcing them to a writer will free you up to get on with whatever it is you do.

And it’s the same when you’re successful.

Finding the time around meetings, training, and ensuring your staff are doing their jobs correctly is pretty damn hard.

2. It’s more cost-effective than hiring in-house

Erm… what?

Think about it, if you don’t have time yourself, you’re going to have to employ somebody to do it. Whether that’s a marketing department, or somebody just to write them. Not only are you going to have to pay them a salary, but you’ll also need to pay for:

  • laptops
  • tablets
  • tools
  • training

And you have to pay them when they’re sick or on holiday.

Not so with an outsourced writer.

You only pay only for the work you’ve asked for.

All that other stuff is on them, not you.

3. It keeps you current and consistent

Remember when I mentioned not updating since 2017?

Even if you start posting intending to keep it up, a busy workload can bring that crashing down around you. And before you know it, you’re posting a few times a year, then once a year, then… never.

Outsourcing it to a writer means the most you have to do is send them ideas for what you want. If you put the writer in charge of your blog completely, they’ll come up with content while reaping all of the benefits.

4. It’s great for your SEO


Search engines love a website that’s updated regularly. So, outsourcing to someone who can write awesome content consistently means you’ll end up boosting your search engine rankings.

5. It can position you as an expert


Not every writer is going to be the one for you, which is why you should pick who you outsource to carefully. Choose the right one with an in-depth knowledge of your industry that can help you post regularly with helpful, usable content your customers badly need.

6. You’ll add a bit of personality to your business

Not that you’re boring!

A blog is a place where you can really let your personality shine. And a good copywriter should be skilled enough to take really complex and, sometimes, dry topics and turn them into stuff people really want to read.

7. It can make you visually appealing

Writers know a bit about visuals too.

While most writers are skilled with words, they also know what goes best with their posts. So, you can trust them to pick images (if this is factored into the price) that complement the articles they’re writing.

No writer worth their salt will write about global warming and not use a visually stunning image to show it visually.

Images also break up text and make it easier and more enjoyable to read.

In this post, I’ve used images that react with the line of text above the image. And they’re from the comedy show Schitt’s Creek.


Because I write laid-back, fun copy for businesses and I do the same for my business and my blog, it makes sense to be a little bit fun and quirky because it suits my brand.

If I were writing this article for a client who isn’t quite as conversational in tone, I’d choose images or GIFs that suit their brand and tone.

8. It can keep you enthusiastic about your brand

Being overwhelmed can make you fall out of love with what you’re doing.

Outsourcing your blog writing can help you look at your business with fresh eyes, giving you renewed enthusiasm. Seeing somebody else write about what you do can give you a massive boost when you’re tired, cranky and feeling negative about your business.

9. It builds trust and customer loyalty

Wave goodbye to people going to your competitors.

Once your readers see you as an expert, it’ll build trust in your business and they’ll keep coming back for more. Not only that, they’ll share your stuff and follow you on social media. And to top it off, they’ll tell everyone they know about you.

Loyal customers and fans will market your business without you having to ask, and when that happens, you really start to see your business start to grow.

10. It reduces your stress levels

And relax.

When you outsource your blog posts, you never have to stress about finishing that article you started six weeks ago that still isn’t finished. And as it’s less work for you, you’re not constantly giving yourself a hard time.

Are you ready to outsource?

Outsourcing isn’t for everyone, and that’s cool.

But if you really don’t have time, there are loads of writers out there who can help you get started.

What do you think?

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