ProCopywriters books – submissions sought

Want to appear in a ProCopywriters book?

We’re putting together two books, one focused on copywriting skills and tips, and the other about the business side of being a freelance copywriter.

For both books, we’re selecting the most interesting, practical, thorough and thoughtful articles from the articles submitted by our 950+ members during our 9-year history.

Have you got any articles you would like us to consider for inclusion?

These might be articles that you’ve already shared on the ProCopywriters blog – or articles that you’ve published elsewhere (you would need to publish them on ProCopywriters also).

What are we looking for?

The best articles to share for this project are those that are:

  • timeless
  • useful
  • comprehensive
  • actionable.

Articles about specific techniques, processes and skills are most helpful. Your longest, most complete, most practical articles are the most likely to be included.

What do you get?

Authors that are included are clearly credited as the writer, and the book will be offered as a free PDF to all ProCopywriters members. You will also be able to buy a discounted ebook or printed copy via Amazon.


Submission forms

These forms capture the links and confirm your permission. They take about 6o seconds to complete.

Copywriting Book – apply here

Freelancing Book – apply here


Hang on, this sounds familiar…

Yes – this is a project that we originally started in 2019. We made a lot of progress, including assembling first drafts, getting covers designed and getting approval from contributors, but Covid derailed our plans. When we resumed work on these books, we realised that they needed more material. Hence this new appeal for contributions.

If we’ve previously been in touch about your articles, don’t worry – you’re still on the list!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.




22nd June 2022


thank you

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