How can we help in-house and agency copywriters?

We want to know.

Here’s a very quick survey.

All the questions are optional – so please just complete as much as you can.

Why are we asking?

Copywriters are stronger together

Most of our members are freelance copywriters.

This means that we rarely hear from in-house and agency copywriters.

So our community misses out on these perspectives.

We don’t get to learn from our peers who are working in fast-moving teams or within buzzy creative agencies.

It means ProCopywriters becomes a freelance community rather than a copywriting community, and that’s not our goal.

How we support in-house and agency copywriters today

We’ve been trying to broaden our appeal and entice more agency and in-house copywriters for a while now, with some success.

CopyCon has always attracted copywriters from a wide range of backgrounds. Only about 30% of the CopyCon audience is freelance.

Our online workshops have always been scheduled around lunchtimes to make them easy to fit around a busy working day. And our video library makes it easy to catch up when you have a moment.

What can we do better?

As a professional association, our duty is to support professionals and advance our profession.

Are there meaningful ways we can support your career?

And are there ways you would like us to raise the profile of copywriting?


What do you think?

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