Public speaking skills workshops for ProCopywriters members

For stereotypically introverted writers, speaking to groups can be a challenge.

Whether you want to headline a major conference, or just feel more confident on client calls, you might appreciate the series of workshops we’ve lined up with accomplished speaker and copywriter Jackie Barrie.

This is a series of 6 lunchtime workshops designed to help you feel more comfortable speaking to groups.

These are free for all ProCopywriters members. The code to access the sessions is in your dashboard.

Here are the details and links:

Speakeasy 1: Building your confidence

Boost your speaking skills with our monthly Speakeasy programme run by long-term copywriter, Jackie Barrie, who’s also an experienced trainer, the author of ‘Unboring’, and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland. This first session explores nerves and how to overcome them, and looks at common mistakes to avoid when you give a presentation.


Speakeasy 2: What to say

Copywriters are usually comfortable with the written word. However, writing an online or on-site speech is a different skill. So, let’s look at the content you need in an effective presentation. You’ll find out how people learn, a simple structure to follow, and ways to handle the Q&A. This is the second in our series of Speakeasy sessions run by Jackie Barrie (it doesn’t matter if you missed the first one).


Speakeasy 3: Speaking skills

We might be moving beyond the usual copywriting comfort zone in this Speakeasy session run by Jackie Barrie. You’ll discover how to use body language, vocal variety and eye contact to improve your presentations, online and offline. Like anything, it’s easy when you know how. You don’t have to attend previous sessions to get value out of this one.


Speakeasy 4: Words and images

What makes a presentation effective? In this packed Speakeasy session with Jackie Barrie, we explore storytelling and rhetorical devices. We also look at what NOT to do. Finally, you’ll learn about using slides, props and audience participation to help get your message across in a memorable way.


Speakeasy 5: Practicalities

The next in the series of Speakeasy sessions with Jackie Barrie covers what to do before, during and after a speaking engagement if you want to be perceived as professional. It also includes the chance to prepare for next week’s showcase session where participants present for five minutes and get supportive feedback on their speaking skills.


Speakeasy 6: Showcase

The culmination of the Speakeasy programme with Jackie Barrie. This is your chance to put your new skills into practice. Six volunteers will deliver a five-minute prepared speech and get constructive feedback that everyone can learn from. You’ll also get the chance to do a one-minute spontaneous speech on a topic to be advised on the day. Finally, Jackie will explain how to make money from speaking.



Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash


4th July 2022


Can’t wait to join the speakeasy

4th July 2022


Can’t wait to join the speakeasy

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