How to write stonkingly good newsletters

Whether you write the content yourself or hire a freelance copywriter, you must ensure the content is something your reader will want to read. If not, you’ll be buried under an avalanche of unsubscribers.

What makes newsletters good?

The clue is in the name – newsletter.

Yes, you’ve got it – news.

Tell them something they’ll be interested in, such as the latest industry news, tips that will be useful in their work, articles relevant to their industry, etc.

This will help strengthen your relationship with your customers.

What makes lousy newsletters?

A newsletter that bangs on constantly about your achievements, your products and your services.

You walk a fine line because you’ll want your newsletter to generate business for you and build strong relationships.

How do I achieve the ultimate balance?

You provide valuable and relevant information, and within that copy, you weave references to your products and services. Within this context, they will appear as being of service to your reader rather than self-serving.

What kind of articles can I lead with?

It’s always good to have a lead article for your newsletter. If you have too many subjects within one issue, your reader may be confused. Some great ideas for this are:

  • Latest industry news
  • Advice
  • Analysis of a new topic or product
  • How-to article
  • Case studies because people love to read real-life stories

Your additional material could be product updates, news about upcoming events, general information or reminders, and teasers for the next issue.

Of course – the final thing to remember (as with all email communication) is to include an opt-out option.

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