5 reasons why your website copy isn’t generating leads

I bet it’s 1 of the 2 most common problems. You don’t have enough content, or you have too much. There may be, of course, many other reasons, and we’ll take a look at all of them to see if we can find out why your website isn’t generating leads.

1. You’re not taking your website seriously

I am still shocked at how little effort some companies make when it comes to their website or, even worse, believe they do not need a website. I get it, most of you probably tried to get an external SEO company with mixed results, and you eventually gave up. Ad in the meantime, your competition is getting all the leads.

Your website is not a digital business card anymore. A 5-page website is not going to cut it. You will need a content marketing strategy and a team of Sirius Copywriters to create content that delivers leads.

It could be a series of area-related landing pages as we did for easyParking, or a customer story showcasing computer builds for Custom PC Genie.

2. Your content does not solve a problem

The most challenging part is to understand your customers on a deeper level. You need to be performing customer research continually and consistently gather information to make your services more valuable.

Ask yourself a question, why does the customer buy from me instead of my competition? If you don’t know the answer, then ask them. Understanding the customer’s pain and your company’s solution is the beginning of drafting a successful content marketing strategy.

Even Google has something called Search Intent – the very purpose of the online search the user makes. What is the visitor trying to find, what problem is your customer trying to solve?

With Computer Genie, we performed detailed customer research. We found the flexibility to stay open beyond the convenient opening hours is the most valuable service.

On the other hand, for Custom PC Genie, helpful and free advice leads to purchase and recommendations. The one thing competition did not do.

3. You have confusing website layout, navigation or structure

Please don’t let a wacky design ruin your customer experience on your website. Visitors expect easy navigation, straightforward design, and they expect to find a solution to their problems. Leave innovative design practices to designers and stick a proven design that sells.

You know when you go to an exclusive hotel bathroom to find an ultra-modern water sink, and you have no idea how to turn it on? Is this how your customers feel when they visit your website or is everything in place where it should be?

4. You are making it too difficult to contact you

Spread call to action (CTA) buttons or links throughout your web page. Ideally, add a relevant CTA to each website section.

Think about how easy (or difficult) it is for customers to contact you. Is your preferred method of communication call, email, message or form? Why don’t you have all channels curated into one sale funnel? Or better yet, why is it not automated?

You can easily integrate bookings with calendars and payment systems nowadays. For example, like a local nail salon Vera goes to, you pick a time slot and pay for it straight away. Done. Why complicate things?

Each call to action button is a cash register. Even halfway through the website, your customer can say: “okay I’ve read enough, I’m in” and is ready to buy. It’s your responsibility as the business owner to make enough cash registers throughout your store!

5. Not having a marketing and sales strategy

The success of your website very much depends on the content. That’s clear by now, but the task of creating good quality content can feel quite overwhelming.

To have sustainable success, you need a content marketing strategy. A research-backed plan for your company to achieve it’s goals. I bet it’s more leads, more sales and therefore we need to bring more traffic. Not just any traffic, though. It has to be the profile of your ideal client.

A good content strategy consists of writing a series of landing pages like we did for easyParking. It could also be area pages or customer stories like we did for the Computer Genie. Creating this amount of text needs time, skill and strategy.

Before we start writing the text for you, we need to understand your current sales funnel. How do you convert curious visitors into customers?

Another part of marketing and sales strategy is upselling. There is nothing wrong with telling your customers what else you can do for them. After all, if you repair decking like Fix-it Surrey, you could set up an automated response after a while showing your company can also replace windows or gutters, clean your garage and get ready for a summer barbecue.

More tips to help make your website bring more business leads:

Is mobile important?

Oh, you bet it is! It has been for several years, mobile is the dominant platform. Just look around how many people use their mobile as the primary device. We all do. It’s time to put more effort into responsive web design and craft the content for the mobile audience.

Do I need to have a free PDF?

No, you don’t need to produce a 100-page PDF because everyone else does. You can offer a free piece of information in many different ways – a pdf, a podcast, video, or simply tips on your landing page. The format does not matter too much. What matters more is the value it highlights to the right people – your potential customers.

How do I find out about the value my company creates?

That’s relatively easy, actually. If you are unsure or find it challenging to find out what’s most important to your customers, why don’t you ask them? Seriously, ask your customers what they like about your services, and they will tell you. But then you can always go beyond and ask them for feedback on making your product or services even better.

How about a blog?

And before we finish, people often ask us if they need a blog. No, you don’t need a blog to have a successful website. You need organised content that Google understands, and it offers value to the searchers and readers.

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