CopyDeck: new tools for copywriters coming soon

a set of cards for copywriters that include hints, tips and tricks

If you attended CopyCon this year you’ll know that we’ve been cooking up a special product for copywriters.

In fact, we gave a special limited edition copy to everyone who joined us in Brighton.

Lots of people have been asking us how to buy a CopyDeck. While it’s currently not available to buy, we’re in the process of preparing the remainder of the print run to send to Amazon so they can fulfill orders.

In the next few weeks, there will be just 400 sets available to purchase.

This version of CopyDeck will never be printed again. There may be a second version – but only if there is sufficient demand.

What is CopyDeck?

CopyDeck is a set of cards loaded with copywriting techniques, behavioural psychology and creative practices.

CopyDeck is designed to nudge you into being bold, to help you break out of ruts, and generally use more of the great ideas that you’ve learned, and probably forgotten, over the years.

The bulk of the deck is the 56 copywriting techniques. The 9 nuggets of behavioural psychology can help you persuade your audience. And the 13 creative practices are here to help if you’re feeling stale. 3 blank cards are perfect for adding new ideas you encounter.

81 cards total (not including the functional cards)

  • Copywriting Techniques: 56
  • Creative Practice: 13
  • Behavioural Psychology: 9
  • Blank Cards: 3

Includes subscription to regular CopyDeck emails that focus on different copywriting tactics and ideas.

Card Specification:

  • 78 x 108 mm cards
  • 350gsm board
  • Printed in the UK on FSC-certified paper
  • Housed in a rigid card box with foil-stamped graphics



23rd November 2022

Kashif khan

I love you please give a free copy for these techniques

23rd November 2022

Kashif khan

I love you please give a free copy for these techniques

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