Copywriting critiques

31 Jan 2017

Becky Matthews talks feedback, and how clients can provide useful copy reviews.

11 Nov 2015

Tom Albrighton on the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad and the evolution of the strategy behind the ads.

20 Aug 2015

Sarah Fitzgerald on the DWP benefits sanctions leaflet debacle and why real stories are so important.

02 Jun 2015

Tom Albrighton on how a tiny copy tweak could have saved the #lastsummer campaign from a social media beasting.

21 May 2015

The Nando’s meme shows how using jargon or the vernacular can alienate large parts of your target audience.

29 Apr 2015

Loaded with humour and sharp-witted comments, these ads keep us interested and keep us reading.

17 Oct 2012

Why you might want to avoid the word ‘but’.

20 Jul 2012

It’s easy to poke fun at copywriting clichés. But the story of ‘solution’ shows how such words get established – and why it’s so hard to dislodge them.

08 Jun 2012

Using ‘we’ prominently in your copy gives a very particular impression, and should be done with care.