Search engine optimisation

27 Jul 2021

Information gain: how original research gets you zooming up the search rankings

Want to improve your SEO? Michael Metcalf says stop using your competitors’ content as sources and get researching instead

07 Jul 2021

Building backlinks — what they are, why you need them and how they’ll help your business

Nicci Talbot shares some ways to build high-quality backlinks to improve your SEO

22 Jun 2021

WordPress and Yoast: how to manage the traffic lights

Helen Say’s advice when it comes to Yoast’s SEO’s scoring system is don’t get hung up on green lights

10 Mar 2021

Why you shouldn’t write (just) for SEO

Francesca Baker on why you should write for humans AND search engines.

10 Dec 2020

Is there really a magic word count for SEO?

Does the number of words in your content affect how Google ranks it? Rachel Baker explains.

05 Mar 2020

Voice search: a quick guide

Sanina Kaur on making sure that what you write is voice search ready.

18 Feb 2020

Why you’re struggling to rank on page one of Google

David Pawsley’s quick guide on how to reach one of SEO’s holy grails

12 Nov 2019

What does Google’s new BERT update mean for your website content?

Ben Hardman explains the ins and outs of Google’s latest algorithm change.

Google Home Mini on a black surface beside some Apple AirPods
10 Jul 2019

Five-minute focus on voice search

Sanina Kaur’s quick guide to voice search marketing

Person typing on a MacBook.
30 Jun 2017

Blog SEO best practices: a simple 15 step guide

Give your blog posts an SEO boost with these tips from Tim Woods.
05 Oct 2016

Keywords – introducing writing for the web

How should you use keywords in web copy to ensure your website gets found online?

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