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Award winning family chiropractic care arrives in Lincoln

Epoch Lincoln will open on the 10th July in the Birchwood Shopping Centre. Using the latest
technology and chiropractic techniques, Epoch Lincoln will offer Lincoln’s residents the most
advanced and comprehensive chiropractic care available.

Epoch Lincoln is run and managed by Dr Tom Waller and his partner, Sarah Maplethorpe.
Tom has been a chiropractor for 10 years and has worked with international and Olympic
athletes. Tom’s passion and expertise is in working with families to help them regain health
and vitality with chiropractic techniques.

Sarah has spent most of her working life in the emergency services. The physically
demanding work led Sarah to develop painful back problems. She sought help from Tom,
who was able to identify the cause of her pain and treat it with it the appropriate
chiropractic care. Sarah is now training to be a chiropractor herself.

The vision at Epoch Lincoln is that every man, woman and child has the ability and resources
to reach their full potential in life through chiropractic care.

Tom and Sarah’s mission is to guide individuals, families and businesses towards optimal
and sustainable health through the facilitation, education and support of chiropractic.
Enabling them to do the things they love most, like; playing with their children /
grandchildren, going on holiday or taking part in their favourite sport.

Tom and Sarah look forward to welcoming you to their centre. As a special introduction,
they are offering you the chance to register as a new patient with the attached coupon.

Epoch Lincoln looks forward to helping the people of Lincolnshire live life the way they want
without pain and discomfort. Come and speak to Tom or Sarah at Epoch Lincoln to find out
how chiropractic care can enhance the quality of your life.


Emma Saldanha

Catch Marketing