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Blog Post for Medium Publication ‘Small Steps’

Small Steps, a publication on the platform Medium,  inspires readers to improve all aspects of their lives by taking small steps every day.

It’s based on the Kaizen principle, which states that 1% improvements on a daily basis add up to much bigger improvements over time. 

Articles should contain between 3 and 10 numbered steps that anyone, living anywhere in the world, can take, without the use of expensive equipment or software, or items that may be difficult to source.

My article was published on 16th April 2024.

How to Learn a Language: 8 Manageable Steps

Tips from a language teacher

Learning a new language can feel like a daunting task. There isn’t a single best way to learn a language because we all have our unique interests and styles of learning. But here are eight steps, based on my experience as a language teacher, which you might find useful.

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S.Kadir How to Learn a Language 8 Manageable Steps


Shaira Kadir


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