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Meta title: Boreal Tree Surgery | Environmental Management | West Midlands

Meta description: Boreal will support you with all tree care, environmental management, gardening & invasive species control throughout the West Midlands & Warwickshire.

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Tree Care & Environmental Management

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Trees, plants and wildlife are important environmental elements that impact us all. And that’s why effective management of these factors is so critical, especially when it comes to your safety. Here at Boreal we do just that, specialising in tree care and environmental management that maintains the balance between carrying out the work you need whilst staying environmentally friendly.

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Header 1: Why Boreal?

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We have a team of fully qualified, licensed waste carriers and insured City and Guilds workers, with experience in conservation, landscaping, tree care and environmental management. And with our 24-hour emergency call out service, we offer everything you expect from tree surgeons and more.

Header 2: Meet Chris

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With a career history that includes the Royal Navy and The British Army, Chris is more than happy to get stuck in and get the job done. And with qualifications in Professional Tree Inspection (PTI) and a diploma in Environmental and Work Based Conservation, you know you’re in safe hands.


Header 1: Tree Care

Meta title: Tree Care | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: Here at Boreal, we offer a number of tree care services, including tree removal, Aerial Tree Inspections and pruning. Find out more here.


When it comes to trees, we really know our stuff. From full Aerial Tree Inspections so that our team can fully assess the situation, to treating unwanted fungal decay, we offer a number of services to support your needs. They include:

  • Surveying
  • Planting trees
  • Processing raw timber
  • Aerial Tree Inspection (ATI)
  • Full removal of trees/plants
  • Fungicide/Pesticide application
  • Pruning trees
  • And so much more – just give us a call!


Header 2: Hedge Laying & Maintenance

Meta title: Hedge Laying & Maintenance | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: Our team of qualified experts can safely hedge lay, creating a beautiful and environmentally friendly addition to your landscape.


A craft that’s been practised for hundreds of years, we understand the visual and environmental impact hedgelaying has on the British countryside. Apart from looking great, they also act as a haven for local wildlife who often use it as a refuge, a source of food and even as a way to safely navigate the landscape.

Not only does our team have the skills to hedge lay, they can also sympathetically manage them, ensuring that habitats aren’t damaged and can fully flourish.

Interested in hedge laying? Call today for a quote.


Header 3: Environmental Management

Meta title: Environmental Management | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: Looking for qualified advice on your next large scale project? Boreal Tree Surgery can support you with complete environmental management.


When it comes to your larger scale projects, we know the full impact the environment can have when it comes to hitting deadlines. As part of our environmental management service, we will provide you with advice and cost estimations, working to monitor environmental changes, predicting future changes and making sure we maximise human benefits whilst minimising harm to woodlands and wild spaces.

Interested in environmental management? Call today for a quote.


Header 4: Wildlife Movement & Mitigation

Meta title: Wildlife Movement & Mitigation | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: Conducting work on trees, vegetation and hedges? We can support with the safe movement and mitigation of local wildlife. Learn more here.


Here at Boreal Tree Surgery, we’re more than aware of how our work can impact wildlife and their habitats. That’s why we offer a service of wildlife mitigation, which includes the protection and potential movement of certain species to make sure they survive and flourish. So whether that’s replacing bird boxes or setting up new bat boxes in 20-foot trees, our team is qualified to support in accordance with mitigation guidelines.

Interested in wildlife mitigation? Call today for a quote.


Header 5: Invasive Species Control

Meta title: Invasive Species Control | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: Concerned about controlling the spread of an invasive tree species? We can offer sites visits and full treatment packages at a competitive price.


We know the devastating impact invasive species can have on woodlands. From structural damage caused by Japanese Knotweed to mass invasion by the likes of Himalayan Balsam, it can be hard to harness control.

Here at Boreal Tree Surgery, we have the specialist knowledge to conduct site inspections and provide customised full treatment packages to not only end the spread of these diseases but prevent them from reoccurring.

Interested in invasive species control? Call today for a quote.


Header 6: Bespoke Gardening and Estate Management

Meta title: Bespoke Gardening and Estate Management | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: From bespoke garden landscaping to estate management, we will support you in creating an outdoor space you’re proud of. Learn more today.


Whether it’s weeding your lawn or landscaping a large estate, no matter how big or small the job we’re here to help. With experience working on private gardens, woodlands and estates, we will provide honest advice and a competitive price so that you can create an outdoor space you’re proud of.

Interested in bespoke gardening and estate management? Call today for a quote.


Header 7: Surveying

Meta title: Surveying | Boreal Tree Surgery

Meta description: From invasive species to wildlife monitoring, we offer a surveying service that includes inspections and report writing. Learn more today.


Whether it’s controlling an invasive species, monitoring local wildlife or removing problematic trees, we offer a full surveying service that inclusive arboricultural inspections and full written reports.

Our surveys and reports will provide you with all of the information and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Interested in surveying? Call today for a quote





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