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Your 50th birthday. The Big 5-0.

Or is that the Big 5…Oh?!

Whether you’re not quite there yet or you’ve already reached 50, you’re probably finding it’s a time when you’re starting to take stock.

Of your life – and of your lifestyle.

Of your future – and of your children’s future.

Because at your age, retirement is no longer a distant prospect.

And your retirement planning needs to start now.

But if you’re not sure how or where to begin, don’t worry.

At Janus Henderson Investment, we can be your gateway to smart retirement planning.

We’re a leading global active asset manager looking to provide the best long-term returns we can for our clients.

Just as importantly, our investment expertise is trusted by thousands of institutions, independent financial advisers and individual investors alike.

From our retirement guide and podcasts to a wide range of investment trusts, we can help you plan your future.

And you can find all of it on our Retirement Planning Hub

If you’re aged around the Big 5-0 why not take a look?

It’s got to be better than waiting for the Big 6-Oh No.

Smart retirement planning starts now…

Smart retirement planning starts with you and Janus Henderson Investment Trusts.




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