Portfolio project

Copy-editing a lead-generation ideas book for TREND Group

Extract from book:

Send in mystery shoppers

Mystery shopping can be a great tool to help you evaluate the customer service being provided by your staff. Your showroom hosts and sales staff are often the first point of contact for customers and it’s critical that they’re making a lasting impact by providing a positive customer experience.

By using mystery shoppers to investigate different aspects of your business, you can assess the effectiveness of showrooms, home visits and even online and telephone enquiries that come in via your website or social media presence. The focus of mystery shopping is the whole customer experience, so visits will consider the presentation and maintenance of your showroom as well as the service provided by your staff. Simple things such as ensuring the environment is clean and tidy will improve the experience and maintain customer interest.

Staff training and knowledge is key to improving the level of service offered to customers and once a mystery shop has taken place, you will receive a performance report allowing you to analyse whether further training is needed.


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