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Nothing makes a special occasion sweeter than a Chocolat Luxe Mocha Martini. It’s a mouth-watering blend of espresso coffee and sumptuous Bailey’s Chocolate Luxe perked up with vodka and ice-cubes. It’s the Martini to end all Martinis. Once shaken this delectable delight is bound to cause a stir.

If you like chocolate, coffee and vodka, you’ll absolutely love the Chocolat Luxe Mocha Martini. It’s a dessert and digestif in one – a delicious indulgence that will rouse your inner chocoholic. Can you resist its decadent charms? It’s the hottest chocolate drink around.

The key ingredient, of course, is the Bailey’s Chocolat Luxe. It’s dark; it’s delicious; it’s darn well divine. Ladies love it, lads lap it up … it’s the life and soul of this lovely elixir. Throw in a splash of vodka – 143 million Russians can’t be wrong – and you’ve got the cream of after dinner cocktails.

They won’t be serving the Mocha Martini in coffee shops anytime soon but it’s the espresso that gives this cocktail its kick. A bitter edge can make a sweet drink better – and that’s definitely the case here. The coffee infusion is what makes the Chocolat Luxe so deluxe.

Concocting this treat couldn’t be simpler. Pour the Baileys, Smirnoff and espresso into a cocktail shaker, add some ice cubes, and then shake until it’s smoother than a jazz crooner’s voice. Strain it into a cocktail glass, serve it up, and watch with satisfaction as its chocolaty charm melts everyone’s heart.

This unusual, or perhaps we should say unique, cocktail can light up dinner parties, tantalises the taste buds on Valentines, and could be an intriguing dark horse for a white wedding drinks menu. It’s bound to raise spirits and smiles, not to mention a few eyebrows, whenever it’s served.



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