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Dreamland Margate



Nothing says ‘All The Fun Of The Fair’ like jumping into the saddle of one of these ornate galloping horses.

Dating back to 1922, this four-abreast ride has been beautifully hand restored by our Dreamland experts, ready to charm and delight a whole new group of funseekers with its simple spinning pleasures.

And yes, it’s also the perfect ride to get that essential retro selfie.


‘Push the pedal! Spin the wheel!’

Perhaps the best known of all amusement park rides, the Dodgems have been around since the 1920s but our 70s themed cars hark back to a time when Punks, Soul Boys and Art Rockers locked bumpers on the Dreamland track.

These funny little electric cars hold fond memories for everyone who’s ever enjoyed the fair at its best. The lightening crackle overhead, that first lurch of power, the ‘mild’ shunt and inevitable tears…


Sweeter than a candyfloss smile, this ‘Chair-o-plane’ is a 1930s classic that’s still just as popular today.

Restored back to its former glory this swinging chair ride from the Tuby family of showmen. So leap into a little seat, then let the carousel top twirl you over the heads of the crowds as you hang on tight.


Looking for more traditional Amusement Park fun? Hook a duck at one of our classic side shows, play one of the arcade games (vintage or modern) or simply enjoy our pop-up entertainment from our Fun Fairers. You might also be lucky enough to meet Teddy Bear and Betty Bear!

If our beautiful Great British weather looks a little iffy then head into Dreamland Undercover and enjoy one of our indoor activities. Have a play on one of our retro pinball machines, enter the enchanted world of the Octopus’s Garden (perfect for Under 8s) or skate until your heart’s content to rockin’ music in the Roller Room!


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