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Marketing to millennials (roughly speaking people born between 1980 and 2000) is famously challenging. They’re known to be budget-conscious, sceptical – andway ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Variously known as ‘foodies’, the ‘me’ generation, and the ‘always on’ generation they can be difficult to get toknow.

However, it’s worth the effort. Millennials now make up over a quarter of the UK population, and are coming into their own when it comes to spending power, representing an incredible e-commerce opportunity for brands and retailers.1 So now’s the time to make your marketing millennial-friendly!

This eBook looks at how to integrate millennials into your digital marketing strategy and capture them as consumers.


Millennials use mobile for everything from social media and chat, to online research and purchasing. This behaviour makes it essential for brands and retailers to be accessible on mobile and offer a consistent, user-friendly experience. Responsive design is a must, so make sure you offer the best layouts and resolutions.

Mobile payment is also getting increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. Forrester Research expect the value of mobile transactions in theEU to increase almost threefold in the next five years – from $52 billion at the end of 2015 to $148 billion by 2021.2 Much of this has been instigated by increasing consumer awareness – and retailer interest – in mobile payment options.

New standards in mobile payment technology, for example the transformation of mobiles into handheld wallets are becoming the norm. So unless you can provide millennials with streamlined, user friendly systems and processes, they could disengage and buy elsewhere.


The main obstacle to an even greater uptake of sales over mobile is screen size. According to Capgemini’s Unadkat report, AI and chatbots should be key areas for retailers to focus on, in order to help eliminate their mobile shoppers’ pain points.3 For example, by being an early adopter of voice capabilities, you can save shoppers having to manually type in names, payment credentials and shipping information – and encourage them to convert from browsers into mobile buyers.

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