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Email Is King!

Email Is King!

Do you remember when people used to write letters to each other? And send them
by post?

Did you ever have a pen-pal?

Yes I know I’m showing my age. My point is this: people wrote to each other – one to
one – and established and developed relationships, in some cases getting to know
that person better than the person’s neighbour, work colleague or even spouse
despite never actually never meeting in person

Now I don’t expect you to start writing letters to potential clients – although direct
mail is undergoing some sort of renaissance right now and is still a powerful media
when used effectively – it’s costly, time consuming and lacks interactivity/functionality.

So what is the modern equivalent of a good old letter? The email of course!

And it has that vital element – ability to connect to online content. You can include audio, still images and of course, video.

But the principal benefit is the intimacy.

You are building a relationship with another person – one to one – and developing trust – vital if you’re going to sell stuff at some

Emails are seriously effective. Forget social media.

Emails are where it’s at. But like anything in life…

They’re only effective if you write emails that people actually want to read!

So your objective is:

Get your email actually delivered to your contact
Get them to open it and read it
Get them to answer your call to action. Click or call, but you must include a call
to action OR make them want to read your next email…

That’s where I come in. But before I do, there’s a bit of scene setting to be done
before we crack on.

Read this post first, as many times as you need to, then drop me a line via email to
andrew@andrewharkin.net and tell me what your problem is, marketing wise,
specifically, email wise.

Speak soon,