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Foliot Watches

Foliot Watches is a new microbrand launching their first model, the Stratonaut GMT, in the autumn of 2021.

They required a number of copywriting services:

Website Copy

The website required an experienced eye to go over and edit the existing content including rewriting copy, highlighting benefits, clarifying features and improving the flow.

Foliot Watches are based in New York targeting mainly American customers, so all copy had to be written with American users and spelling in mind.

Product Descriptions

Similar to the service above, the product description page needed some editing to better feature the unique elements of the watch and to improve flow and presentation.


Created a range of taglines for the main header image on the home page. The one above was chosen for best encapsulating the branding of the watch being for adventurers and travellers.

Content Strategy

Put together a content creation plan for Foliot Watches to implement across their social media from the launch of the pre-orders leading up to the product shipping in Autumn 2021. This included a schedule for regular blog posts with images which could also be edited and repurposed for different social media platforms.

Brand Naming

Foliot Watches required a rapid turnaround for potential model names. This involved getting to know the founder better and understanding their history with watches and their goals for this new venture, before brainstorming ideas and then conducting further research and development on a few shortlisted favourites.


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