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Franke Sustainability Report

Sustainability Roadmap

Franke has reported on its material sustainability impacts since 2011 – the year in which Franke joined the United Nations Global Compact and adopted the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact for sustainable and responsible business. We recognise that our large-scale, global operations and resource-intensive products require us to take significant responsibility for managing our environmental and social impacts.

While we have made progress over the past decade, for example, reducing the Group’s global scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually by 10 percent since 2016, we decided to further prioritise our sustainability efforts in 2021, integrating the most material topics into Franke’s core business strategy. Our aim is to incorporate sustainability-focused activities and targets across our operations, processes, and product lifecycles. In this way, sustainability becomes a defining feature of all the Group’s activities, across the entire value chain. This is a long-term undertaking, but we have taken the first vital steps with the formation of the new sustainability approach.

Franke’s new vision for sustainability

Our approach is anchored on three pillars: the environment, our employees, and society, and is underpinned by one of our core Franke values: we act responsibly. Through this value we emphasise the importance of caring for people and planet by creating long-term positive impact beyond financial returns and company lines and taking care of others’ health and wellbeing. The value also highlights the importance of valuing differences – contributing to an inclusive climate where everyone is seen and heard, and where the value of different skills, cultures and backgrounds is recognised and celebrated.

The three pillars of our sustainability strategy and our key vision and commitments for each pillar include:

The environment
Franke vision: Become net CO2e neutral in production by 2030 and across the whole value chain by 2040.

Franke commitments: Increase energy efficiency and share of renewable energy; increase share of recycled waste; decrease CO2e impact of product lifetime usage and supplied materials and products; offer more end-of-life solutions for Franke products.

Our people
Franke vision: Be the market leader in enabling and engaging employees and promoting health and well-being; have a workforce that is a fair social representation of the markets in which we operate.

Franke commitments: Foster a work environment that empowers every employee with a high sense of belonging; increase the number of (leadership) training hours each year to reach at least one week of dedicated training per employee by 2030; increase the diversity of ages, genders, culture, and skills across organisational levels.

Franke vision: Every year, make significant contributions to different societal needs through charities and donations, volunteering, and partnerships.

Franke commitments: Increase the number of volunteering hours per employee per year, focusing on different societal needs; support communities and organisations through yearly charities and donations; partner with national and international organisations to make advancements on a range of social issues.

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