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FS Brabo typeface specimen

About this project

To promote FS Brabo, Fontsmith’s beautifully bookish new typeface, The Counter Press devised a broadsheet-sized specimen featuring a range of typographic formats to demonstrate the font’s literary leanings. Providing the central text was my retelling of Brabo and the giant Antigoon, the David-and-Goliath-style folktale from the city of Antwerp, whose Plantin-Moretus Museum of printing presses, type and books inspired Brabo’s design. Design: The Counter Press


“Gobbledygook. Codswallop. Poppycock. It’s not often that a typeface comes along whose way with words can make any old rubbish worth reading. A font that can add poetry to the plainest prose, and tempt us to tackle text in even the most unfamiliar tongue.”