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GRI Sustainability Report

The value of sustainability reporting

The reporting process enables organizations to consider the sustainability risks and opportunities they face, spanning the economy, environment, corporate governance and society. By reporting and communicating about the impacts they create as a result of their daily business operations, organizations and their stakeholders have the information they need to make better decisions to optimize positive impacts and reduce risk. This helps build and maintain trust, improve performance, and ultimately leads to a more sustainable economy and world.

Sustainable development in emerging markets

Sustainability issues can often be particularly challenging in emerging markets and developing countries where people are living in conditions of poverty, and where social and environmental protections may not be in place. Our work through our Regional Hubs in Africa, Asia and Latin America contributes to sustainable economic development by helping to improve transparency on the nature and extent of these challenges through better reporting. Our emerging market teams are on the front line of applying the GRI Standards in challenging sustainability conditions and also gathering valuable lessons learned.


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