Portfolio project

How software company Veriom increased their LinkedIn followers by 400%

Veriom offers an innovative service to improve software quality with the help of data and a bespoke strategy. That meant the company needed content that explained its service clearly and created a connection with its customer base.

The goal was to increase visibility for its company page on LinkedIn and offer insightful content twice a week.

I defined Veriom’s audience and created a bespoke LinkedIn- strategy for them.

It included regular educational posts about her topics that struck a note with their ideal clients and made others in the sector aware of them.

Veriom received a monthly roundup of the data to make sure we were on track.

As a result, Veriom’s followers increased by 400%. They also found it much easier to connect with leads as they could see on their LinkedIn page what they stood for.


Veriom Case Study

Melody Flumendorf

B2B Copywriter & Content Strategist