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Clear Currency makes the world of international money transfer simple to navigate. Sitting under its parent company Clear Treasury, the business offers a friendly, personal service and bespoke online platform to help clients save time and money on their overseas transfers.


To improve SEO ranking and create a hub of content, Clear Currency required an industries landing page and subsequent sub-pages about its main verticals: Agriculture, International Trade, Manufacturing, Shipping, Textiles and Travel. Target audiences varied per page, but typically included CEOs, HR and Finance Directors of SMEs who were looking to make international payments from the UK to overseas countries.


Each landing page needed to speak to stakeholders within the particular industry, so I had to find the reasons why they would use Clear Currency for their overseas money transfers. To do this, I conducted significant research to gain a broader industry outlook and understand audience pain points and motivations.

As part of my research, I read several news articles about Brexit and EU trade disruption, annual reports and whitepapers about how Clear Currency’s industries fare in the wider global economy, and blogs about the latest trends shaping the industries.

From a copywriting perspective, I researched how other currency experts write about their services in plain-speaking terms, so I could remove any complexity about foreign exchange – reflecting Clear Currency’s main value proposition of moving money from A to B, worry-free. The client had provided exact word counts for each headline, paragraph and call-to-action button, so I needed to distill key messages into a short amount of hard-hitting text.


Clear Currency’s main industries landing page concisely summarises how their sector-specific currency expertise helps businesses thrive in overseas trade. The subsequent industry landing pages speak to the challenges stakeholders face, including how currency market fluctuations can have a knock-on effect on their business’ costs and overall profits. Individual FAQs give a wider perspective of how currency market volatility, the cost of living crisis and COVID-19 have affected each industry.

The pages explain foreign exchange strategy tools such as a fixed exchange rate and forward contract in simple terms. This helps the audience instantly understand how they plan ahead with confidence in order to mitigate foreign exchange risks and have certainty of their future costs.

To ensure the copy on each page felt fresh and creative (as messaging on Clear Currency’s services was similar), I used a few examples of language relevant to each industry, e.g. ‘make foreign exchange smooth sailing’ for shipping businesses, and ‘take your travel and tourism business to new heights’ for travel.


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