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What they said

“Greg’s role in helping to develop, refine and originate the membership content for our new website was truly invaluable. He deftly turned pages and pages of complex information into clear, readable copy. I dread to think what we would have done without him.


“Finding someone who could write was one thing, but Greg was the consummate professional. He used his project management skills to liaise with an array of stakeholders, get what he needed from them and deliver to tight deadlines. I particularly appreciated Greg’s attitude. He was extremely easy to work with, was always flexible about re-prioritising and took everything in his stride.


“Towards the end of the project some of my colleagues asked if we could take Greg on permanently. I think this says it all.”


Heather Chappell – ICE Marketing Manager

What I wrote

Become a member


When you join ICE, you’re more than a member: you’re a valued part of our global community. This means you can meet people with the same interests as you, make new contacts and share your experiences. You can also make an impact by getting young people to take a real interest in what civil engineers do.


A career in civil engineering is challenging and rewarding. So if you want to get recognition for your skills and knowledge, becoming professionally qualified with ICE will do just that. And we’ll advise and guide you every step of the way.


Member benefits


Civil engineering is a competitive industry that’s changing all the time. Being a member of ICE helps you to stand out from the crowd and to move with those changes.


We’ll give you the guidance you need to succeed and to get an internationally recognised qualification. We’ll also support your professional development – whether you want to learn new skills, expand your industry knowledge, or get more involved in our work.


When you join ICE you’re not just a member – you’re a valuable part of our global civil engineering community.


Professional development


Becoming professionally qualified with ICE is an achievement to be proud of. It’s also the start of a rewarding journey.


Civil engineering is changing all the time, and industry professionals need to keep up with those changes. That’s why our members make a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD). This means maintaining, improving and increasing your knowledge and skills.


Attending events and training courses are an important part of your CPD. However, there are other ways to add to your skills and experience. Getting new qualifications and passing your knowledge on to others are just a few of them.

Greg Jackson

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