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Krispy Kreme – Product descriptors

Lemon Meringue

When life gives you lemons, stuff them in delicious dough! The zesty lemon and smooth kreme filling, lightly toasted meringue and rich, fluffy doughnut outer will get you squeezing ‘em lemons for more.

Strawberries and Kreme

A quintessentially British classic, strawberries and kreme is a match made in heaven. So, we’ve combined these two heavenly ingredients into one fluffy doughnut. Then we hand-dip this beaut’ into strawberry icing, before sprinkling crunchy shortcake crumble and strawberry pieces over the top. A taste of summer, all year round.

Glazed Raspberry

You’ll feel ever so jammy eating your way through one of our Glazed Raspberry doughnuts. Bursting with sweet raspberry jam, you’ll notice everyone licking their lips as they watch enviously. But don’t you go worrying about them; keep an eye on that jam as it can be ever so cheeky!

Nutty Chocolatta

Believe it or nut, we’re crackers about Nutella. But dough’nut worry, this Nutella hazelnut spread-filled doughnut is dripping in a chocolate flavoured icing. We’ve then added a white chocolate drizzle and a sprinkling of hazelnuts. That’s right, we’ve gone nuts!

Chocolate Custard

Our very own Romeo and Juliet romance. Silky vanilla pod custard within fluffy dough – scrumptious on its own. Paired up with an extra-thick layer of chocolate icing, we created a match made in heaven that is ever so slightly naughty.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

This gooey doughnut is the definition of indulgence. The salted caramel and cream cheese frosting will bring a touch of serious luxury to your day. But first, you’ll need to break through the stunning, hand-decorated salted caramel drizzle and shortcake crumb. Dessert spoon and fork at the ready?!

Original Glazed 

Bring some light and fluffy joy into your day with our signature glazed doughnut, the same perfect recipe since 1937. Do you lick the glaze first or finish it in one bite? Either way, this circle of nom will leave your taste buds craving more. Thank goodness for the glazed dozen.


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