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Welcome to Cancer Cub.

Choosing an appropriate gift for a patient suffering with cancer can be quite a challenge, but we’ve found the perfect thing. Something that is a listening ear and continuous supply of hugs for your loved one – a simple teddy bear.


You know that someone with cancer is facing an assault on their body, mind and spirit. The traumas of diagnosis, invasive treatments and uncertain prognosis are a massive strain. Despite all of this, we know they often put on a brave face to mask their fear and pain. But, as a close relative or friend, you see straight through that and do your best to boost their emotional wellbeing.


You might feel quite powerless to help and guilty for not being by their side 24/7. Well, with one of our lovely bears, you can leave a little bit of your love with them when you go home.


A teddy has the comforting familiarity of a childhood companion and can go where beloved pets are not allowed. Patients can share private thoughts and feelings with their bear, safe in the knowledge that they are being listened to without judgement and without burdening their furry friend. They are reassurance during lonely night-time hours and can absorb a waterfall of tears. If justified anger at the unfairness of it all takes over, Teddy survives being flung across the room rather well and never holds a grudge! Most importantly of all, Teddy is a reminder that they are surrounded by love and that is a magnificent reason for continuing to fight in hope.


We have chosen the softest, cuddliest bears and each comes with its own T-shirt. We have a range of colours so you can choose a favourite colour, or one that represents the type of cancer involved.


As 10% of each sale is donated to Cancer Research, not only are you giving additional emotional support to your loved one, you are joining the fight to find a cure.

Claire McCabe