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Leanfra – Executive Linkedin Profiles

These profiles were targeted at attracting high-level B2B interest in the tech sector and they gained the attention of many Fortune 500 executives including one leading household-name CEO.

Example link: linkedin.com/in/adiriakya

About (Adir Lakya – Example)
Nothing motivates me more than knowing that people are truly benefitting from the concepts I come up with. Leanfra and Magnifind are perfect examples, both improving the status quo for the people they serve, both valuable solutions to problems faced by many and both sources of pride for me.

I’m a businessman with a technical mind. I find that if I drill down deep enough into many business or financial problems, they become technical problems. When I’ve done that, I solve the problems in the same logical way as any such dilemma. Then, when I’ve found a technical solution, I build a business around it.

My technical approach is a major reason behind my business success. It helps me to understand what people need, what I can do to fill these needs and how things can be done better. And it helps me to build and manage teams, matching competences to necessary outcomes and setting realistic goals.

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