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The energy saving spark in LED Furniture

It’s undeniable: LEDs are taking over. these energy saving lights have opened possibilities far beyond simply lighting up a room. From mobile phones to computer screens, they’re everywhere. There’s even a new energy saving LED furniture trend. Yes, you can now find a growing range of beds, cupboards, mirrors and other colourfully lit up furniture. To see why this is such a great energy saving illuminated furniture option, let’s have a look at our favourite LED furniture pieces. While we’re at it, we’ll check out some of their other features too!

If you’re looking for LED furniture to help you relax at the end of a long day, how about the Prestington’s Galaxy LED Upholstered Ottoman Bed. You can lie in bed and choose between green, orange, pink, blue and purple lights, with a flick of a switch on a remote. And thanks to its energy saving properties, it will barely make a dent on your electricity bill. The bulbs in this piece of LED furniture produce 3.4 BTUs (British Thermal Units) an hour. Compare that to the 85 BTUs from incandescents or CFLs. Big difference, eh?

And where do we start with the other features?! The bed frame cleverly lifts to reveal a huge storage area. For the missus, it’s a perfect place for a shoe collection. You shouldn’t have too much trouble putting up this LED furniture masterpiece- it’s a flatpack. And let’s not forget the Galaxy’s overall stylish appearance!

Another piece of LED furniture we love is this San Antonian L-Shaped Sofa. This comfortable and modern looking piece shows a second benefit to the energy saving aspect. For one thing, they are completely fire-safe. Thanks to low temperatures, light bulbs in LED furniture avoid the problem of overheating. This sofa comes with a Synthetic leather option, a highly flammable choice. Put any non-LED bulb is this sofa and watch your money burn!

And this sofa shows a third benefit to LED furniture lights: look how neatly these energy saving bulbs fit into the sides of the couch! The semiconductors used by energy saving lights make them small enough to fit neatly anywhere, including furniture.

And the other features? For starters, you can get this couch in genuine leather and buffalo leather too. And, there’s lots of storage space for your papers, magazines or snacks.

Who says energy saving is uncomfortable?!


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