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Lion Brand Yarn – Evelyn 2.0

When I was approached by an agency on behalf of Lion Brand Yarn, I knew it was a match made in heaven – I’ve loved knitting since I was nine!

I was able to marry my technical writing skills with my in-depth knowledge of knitting and crochet terminology to deliver a chatbot script with an authentic voice. The client wanted “Evelyn” to recommend products, help users navigate the site, and suggest blog posts in a voice that would resonate with their key demographic: a middle-aged, fibre-obsessed, Midwestern-US gal.

Creating Evelyn involved predicting user behaviour, needs and desires, as well as formulating responses that would showcase the very best Lion Brand Yarn products and resources. They were delighted with the copy I wrote, and I count this among my all-time favourite projects.


Beth Scott


G84 9ES

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