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Cover your ink

“With a steady flow of fresh canvas looking for custom work, getting inked is big business. From walk-ins to booked appointments, insurance for your studio, contents and public liability is as essential as your needle.”

“The importance of a permanent record of your signed consent forms, either paper-based or scans, should not be underestimated. Without them, your inking career could be shortlived.”

“Before you even think about slinging ink, the most important aspect of the whole process – client voluntary consent – needs to be acquired and documented. Without it, you leave yourself wide open to compensation or hefty insurance claim.”


I was delighted with Graeme’s work. He brought a completely new angle to an insurance article – and- best of all – managed to make the subject interesting.
Ray Colenutt ~ Managing Director, Versatile Insurance Ltd


Graeme Piper



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