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With more than 20,000 fonts in its library, Monotype is one of the world’s largest providers of type-related products. They’re behind the text we read on the pages of newspapers and books, on the websites we browse, on the games we play and the goods we buy. Despite the ubiquity of their products, Monotype as a corporation had the image of a faceless global giant. At the invitation of SEA, I started working with the company in 2012, developing a tone of voice for type specimens and new products that made them sound more human, but still expert and authoritative. monotype.com went live in 2015, with text (and design) that helped to make the company easy to navigate and understand, and highlight its unrivalled track record of creativity and innovation. Design: SEA and iA


“We are the company behind type. Our fonts and technologies bring the world’s words to the page and screen.”

“Whatever you’re reading, there’s a good chance Monotype is behind it. From the digits on your alarm clock to your book at bedtime, from your car dashboard to the signs at the airport, from apps, games and websites to billboards, logos and packaging, we make fonts for everything, everywhere and everyone. We’ve been doing it for years, and we’re still meeting new design demands with every typeface we create.”