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Nordic Fintech Manifesto

Fintech After 2020 – what next?

Since the first Nordic Fintech Disruptors Report was published in 2016, it has tracked a region growing in scale, sophistication and success. There is no question that the Nordic countries and their Baltic neighbours are a fintech powerhouse. Start-ups, scale-ups and unicorns cover the full spectrum of technologies and services. Challengers have become established players. Ideas that originated in Northern Europe can now be found

in products, services and solutions around the world.

The region has all the building blocks in place to generate wealth and opportunities. Inherently open, transparent and internationally focused, the landscape is one of ambitious fintechs, cautiously enthusiastic banks, innovative ideas, and global vision. Capital investors, smart regulators, specialist accelerators, and even an engaged customer base are all present. The most important ingredient of all – confidence – can be found in abundance.


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