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Ofsted enlisted my expertise to transform their paper-based registration processes for childcare providers into a single, streamlined online user journey. This encompassed various entities, including orphanages, children’s homes, and individuals seeking to work with children.

The existing process posed a significant challenge. It frequently left applicants distressed, prompting countless tearful calls to the helpline. I quickly established that the step-by-step guidance within a 70-page manual required a post-graduate level of reading proficiency to understand.

Collaborating alongside a dedicated team consisting of a service designer, user researcher, UX designer, and product owner, I developed an online application form in plain English, with examples and help text. I streamlined the form to include only relevant and unambiguous questions.

The outcome was a significantly enhanced user experience, characterised by a drastic reduction in errors and a notable decrease in the time required to support applicants. My efforts successfully alleviated the frustrations previously associated with the application process, ultimately fostering an environment conducive to the success of all parties involved.


    Adrie van der Luijt

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