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Onshore wind farm proposal

Banks Renewables recognises the need to undertake development differently. Under Banks Renewables’ ‘Development with Care’ approach, social, environmental, and economic benefits are enshrined at every stage of the process of any development project. 

This holistic approach has been applied to a new renewables project — Bodinglee Wind Farm in South Lanarkshire. Given the large and ambitious scale of Bodinglee Wind Farm, and the extent of existing wind farm development in the area, the project presents an exciting opportunity to apply the learnings gained from previous developments, and the knowledge and experience of local communities, to this large-scale renewable generation opportunity. 

Community wealth building, nature-positive outcomes, and conservation of natural and heritage-rich assets play a central role in the wind farm design. When developed in full alignment with these three themes, renewable projects can generate significant benefits for the region, and more broadly, for the country.

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