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Play that makes sense

Child’s play with a difference

Sensory soft play stimulates a child’s senses and naturally helps them become more self-aware, and develop a better sense of the space around them.
Sensory play supports a child’s cognitive growth, thought process, understanding and reasoning.


We’ve just opened the doors to our new sensory soft play room. We know children are like sponges, learning from every little experience. So, our sensory room will help stimulate their senses through sights, sounds and touch.

Seeing and understanding

Colours, bubbles and lights. Visual experiences can be calming and therapeutic. They can help children work through their emotions, anxieties and frustrations. Our sensory room is filled with light-up toys. And our fish bubble tower is destined to be a firm favourite.

Listening and developing

Laughs, giggles, and chatter. What seems like a wall of noise is an important part of a child’s language development. Play naturally encourages communication. And they’re developing their social skills through sharing.

Hands-on learning

Squeezing, pulling, pushing and throwing. By exploring sensory materials, children are developing their sense of touch and fine/gross motor skills. Stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling all builds their physical ability. They’ll put it all to the test in our ball pit.

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