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Press release for Pocket Jobs

The perfect candidate could be in your pocket!

A new platform that serves the digital and technology job market has been launched today.

Pocket-jobs is the brain child of Alcione.  After extensive detailed research of the digital and tech job market, Alcione discovered that there was a gap in the market for a ‘straight forward’, ‘no-fuss’ job board that can connect skilled job-seekers with employers that are looking to hire the best digital / tech staff for their business.

The UK digital and technology sector is growing at an exceptional rate and reports in the technology press state that hiring managers expect to see a continued rise in demand for talented and skilled workers.

Alcione explained “The digital and technology industry is a thriving industry. Pocket-jobs will allow employers to tap into the growing talent pool we have in the UK. The service offered to employers by Pocket-jobs is unrivalled, the first 100 hundred job postings are free and employers will also enjoy free access to the CV database. This is a service that many other job platforms charge for. We are actively marketing the site and have invested heavily in promoting the site across social media to attract the highest calibre of candidate registrations”.

Pocket-jobs is more than a job board it is also a news and advice platform. Industry related and career focussed articles will regularly be added to the blog giving employers advice on how to find the perfect employee, interview advice and tips on keeping staff engaged and motivated.

The site will also feature interviews with people from the industry detailing why they love working in the digital and tech industry and offering expert advice for people wanting to to build a career in the digital / tech industry.

Pocket-jobs connects jobseekers directly with employers, therefore hiring managers are able to source staff at a lower cost than if they had gone through a recruitment agency. And, candidates are able to communicate directly with the hirer making the process easier and quicker for everybody involved.

To find your next digital and tech star add your job to www.pocket-jobs.co.uk




Emma Saldanha

Catch Marketing