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1.2 m customers / 1 job posted every 35 seconds / 76,000 jobs posted every month




  1. Get job leads

Connect with homeowners looking for tradesmen like you.

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Choose the work YOU want from our loyal customers.

  1. Do the job and get rated

Build a reputation and see your business grow.


Rated People allows you to grow your business and stay on top


Stop waiting for the phone to ring

We’re the largest national service providing tradesmen with quality job leads from homeowners.


Showcase your work

Membership gives you a professional web profile to showcase your work and keep getting more.


Download the app

Get job leads direct to your smartphone as you work.


Get recognition

Collect ratings as you work, building a reputation that word-of-mouth can’t match.


“In two years Rated People has helped me double the size of my business.” Mike Sparks, Sparky Electricians.


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