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Re-writing “How To” guides for the Wickes website pt3

This guide tells you how to lay decking in your garden – link HERE

This text excerpt is from the introduction:

Installing garden decking

Installing decking is an excellent way to create a space in your garden which can be used for relaxing and entertaining. Decking can either be freestanding or attached to your house, and it really gives you a chance to be creative with design and function. A single level deck is relatively straightforward to plan and build. A more complex decking project would include features such as balustrades, railings and steps.

This guide outlines the method for building a single level deck with timber frame and installing it on a patio next to a house. But depending on your plans, decking can also be a freestanding structure anywhere in your garden.

Where should I build my decking?

The size and location of your deck will be linked to its function – are you planning an area for entertaining, for BBQing, or perhaps you want a children’s play area? Are you installing it to complement other garden features such as paving or turf? Consider how big you need the decking to be when you’re deciding a location. If in doubt then be conservative – you can always extend in the future.

There are a few other factors to think about when planning your decking:

  • Is the ground level or does it have a noticeable slope?
  • How much sun will the decking get, and what’s the view like from the site?
  • How much privacy will you have?
  • Is the ground dry underfoot? Wet or boggy ground isn’t suitable for decking.
  • Are there any existing features to work around such as trees and posts?

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