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Renewal Date Email

Dear Jo ,

We haven’t been in touch for a while…

We have made a few changes in the past 12 months here at (company name) adding
two more Insurers to our ‘panel’ and dramatically changing our broking method. This latter
change has seen our clients save an average of 18-20% off their professional indemnity
renewal terms this year.

You needn’t worry about your relationship with your broker and Insurer, as part of our
discreet and confidential review we do not approach either of them so in the rare event we
can’t help you, your relationship remains un-harmed.

Our new broking method/system is highly effective and – if adhered to – will save you a
significant amount of money, reducing your overheads and increasing your profit

The only trouble is: we don’t know when your professional indemnity insurance is due for
renewal so we can’t offer you our Confidential Review just yet…

If you would like a Review, reply to this email now with your renewal date i.e 1 November

It could be the most profitable email you will ever send.

If you have any questions or your renewal is due imminently and you need a Confidential
Review now, please call me on xxxxx xxxxxx

Kind regards,