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Sanderson/Richer Sounds – case study

It’s not always what you’re doing that sells product – it’s who you’re doing it for. This is certainly true of all the clients I’ve worked with in the B2B sector, which makes good case studies worth their weight in gold.

Getting a customer to talk can be challenging, so when you get an opportunity to hear how they’re benefitting from your product in their own words, don’t waste that opportunity. Work with a copywriter who will showcase that value and talk about gains – not splash the front page with the technical spec of your platform.

I love getting under the skin of different businesses and finding out how companies use technology to make life better for their staff and customers, so it was a privilege to speak with Richer Sounds CEO, Julie Abraham, for this case study on behalf of Sanderson multichannel retail technology.

We’ve used several of Julie’s soundbites across social media, email marketing, blogs and other collateral, so the case study continues to generate marketing value, as well as supporting the sales process.

Here’s an excerpt from the case study content… 

Richer Sounds is not just a trailblazer in electronics, but the retail sector as a whole. For more than four decades, it has built a huge army of loyal followers by focusing on unparalleled customer service.

The secret to the company’s success is looking after Richer Sounds colleagues, with unrivalled focus on satisfaction levels and distilling the values of recognition, reward and communication across the business.

Fit for the future

The company has consistently outperformed the electronics market in recent years. A key reason for this success is the company’s focus on outstanding customer service, which sits at the core of the business, and is only possible with a seamless operational infrastructure.

The retailer approached Sanderson with a brief to provide new, flexible technology to future-proof the Richer Sounds business across its network of 53 UK stores, website, marketplace and corporate channels.

“We’d been using the same technology to run our stores, back-office and website for over 10 years and had taken it as far as it could go,” explains Julie Abraham, CEO at Richer Sounds. “We needed to implement a new end-to-end solution that could future-proof our business across all channels.”

The sound of success

The Richer Sounds ethos is that its customers buy for life, and the Sanderson system is instrumental in helping the retailer to future-proof its customer relationships and business performance.

Investing in the Sanderson system has enabled Richer Sounds to continue its core values of cared-for colleagues and outstanding customer service – something the Sanderson team has witnessed first-hand.

“One Sanderson colleague visited a Richer Sounds store, mentioned they work for Sanderson and instantly received great feedback about the system,” concludes Jim McGrath, Product Director at Sanderson. “It’s fantastic to get this kind of positive feedback from the people who are using our technology day-in, day-out.”


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