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Copywriting: website & SEO

About this project

Skillogy is an international online course provider based in the UK. I was commissioned to write SEO web copy, including Meta script. Working with the owner of the business to create clear and compelling text to inform, engage and encourage visitors to contact. Main focus is executives, HR Managers and CEOs. www.skillogy.com


Profit from Performance

Powering sustainable growth and high performance

We help people identify their soft skill gaps and work with them to improve their abilities – giving them the confidence and tools, not just to do their job well, but do it better and better. Delivering outstanding personal and organisation-wide impact across:

  • Greater creativity and effective problem solving
  • Better information management and decision-making
  • Increased contribution, motivation and engagement
  • Improved self-efficiency and emotional stability
  • Superior work performance and productivity
  • Better development and greater retention of talent

Unique, researched, proven…