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From SpeakIntelligence:

Weathering The Industry Storm:

How Automation Can Help Telecoms Providers Survive And Thrive


  1. Introduction
  2. The Storm
  3. Problems and Opportunities
  4. The Solution: SpeakIntelligence
  5. Who It Helps, How It Helps.
  6. Creating A Brighter Future
  7. Embracing Change
  8. Next Steps


This whitepaper will explain why automated cloud communications are the solution to the problems facing the industry. The telecommunications sector has changed more in the last 10 years than ever before, and the pace of evolution is not slowing down. Consequently, if telecoms providers do not embrace this change and find ways to weather the storm, they will sink.

At SpeakIntelligence we’re more convinced than ever that increased automation is inevitable. After all, automated communications have the power to increase operations efficiency, cut costs dramatically, and also create new revenue streams – all the things telecoms providers need to survive in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

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