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Weathering The Industry Storm:

How Automation Can Help Telecoms Providers Survive And Thrive


  1. Introduction
  2. The Storm
  3. Problems and Opportunities
  4. The Solution: SpeakIntelligence
  5. Who It Helps, How It Helps.
  6. Creating A Brighter Future
  7. Embracing Change
  8. Next Steps


This whitepaper will explain why automated cloud communications are the solution to the problems facing the industry. The telecommunications sector has changed more in the last 10 years than ever before, and the pace of evolution is not slowing down. Consequently, if telecoms providers do not embrace this change and find ways to weather the storm, they will sink.

At SpeakIntelligence we’re more convinced than ever that increased automation is inevitable. After all, automated communications have the power to increase operations efficiency, cut costs dramatically, and also create new revenue streams – all the things telecoms providers need to survive in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Introducing SpeakIntelligence

We intend to demonstrate how SpeakIntelligence’s unique automation solution can help providers make this essential transition. By creating superior ordering and management processes, our unique proposition will help providers from an operational perspective and provide a mouth-watering return on investment. We will also explain how providers can integrate SpeakIntelligence’s revolutionary solution with their own infrastructure and business models.

But this whitepaper isn’t just about supporting business expansion and increasing ROI; it also illustrates how automation will improve customer experiences. As technology changes one thing always remains constant: end-users desire flexibility, easy ordering, and first class support. SpeakIntelligence’s approach delivers on all these things.

The following pages also visualise a brighter future for the industry – one in which an ecosystem of operators and providers work together, share revenue, and create new business models that work for everyone. Cooperation, not competition, is the way to thrive in these turbulent times.


The telecoms industry is unrecognisable from the one that existed fifteen years ago. Competition has increased enormously, markets have become saturated, VoIP has become a commodity, traditional voice volumes have deteriorated, and margins have been squeezed to the point of suffocation. Global telco revenue has declined as a result, and companies using PSTN and legacy infrastructure are struggling to keep their heads above water.

Maintaining these legacy networks is a huge undertaking that involves many qualified professionals. Looking after clients also requires substantial man-hours. Unfortunately these operations expend valuable resources; therefore legacy systems are incurring spiralling costs alongside declining revenues.

Searching for solutions

Although many providers have tried to change, and have even started grappling with automated call routing and termination sporadically, they have struggled to move away from legacy systems and are often paralysed by internal politics. Many continue to offer consultancy on products now considered to be commodities; therefore they are stuck and need to evolve quickly or face extinction.

With margins deteriorating, telecoms companies are desperately seeking ways to streamline operations to cut costs and restore profits. However, they need to do this without compromising customer service. Could a move to cloud-based telephony and automated phone numbers therefore help them? Only delving into existing processes and examining new technologies can answer this vital question. 


PSTN and other legacy telecoms providers mainly waste resources in two key areas: number provision and internal processes. Both areas are challenging a present several problems.

Number provision

Companies that offer phone numbers plus call routing and termination packages in the traditional way go through the following arduous process:

Cold calling > Visiting & consulting clients > Negotiating offers > Contract signing > Submitting orders for numbers and applications > Building applications > Manual delivery

What’s more, providers must negotiate separate contracts with national operators to sell products internationally. This is time consuming and complicated, especially as each national operator will have a different pricing structure.

Internal Processes

Providers will typically have many CRMs and ERPs in place. However, these rarely work together fluidly so information is transferred across the organisation inefficiently. Making back office operations smoother should therefore be a priority.


Automated phone numbers and cloud-based telephony can speed up ordering processes and simplify internal processes immeasurably. They can also minimise instances of error. Indeed, effective automation can enable companies to collapse back office operations entirely. The result is a more streamlined team, or a team with the time and freedom to focus on other tasks.

Automation also has the potential to replace or augment sales teams. If numbers could be sold online, with processes fully automated, then huge efficiencies could be made. A ‘numbers on-demand’ concept would allow customers to enjoy self-service and a far quicker time to market.


Some companies have already seen the potential of automated numbers and cloud communications. Twillio is an applications builder that enables providers to engage customers on voice, SMS, video and WhatsApp in the cloud. However, it still requires technical operations at the back end. Meanwhile Sonetel enables customers to purchase virtual cloud-based phone numbers. The drawback is that telecoms providers cannot use Sonetel’s to re-sell numbers.

Consequently, it is currently difficult for providers operating PSTN and legacy systems to embrace the full potential of automated numbers, call routing and termination. In fact, their only option has been to create their own automated system at great expense. Fortunately, however, a solution has finally presented itself …


We have created a fully automated webshop that enables providers to sell local and international numbers ‘on demand’ alongside competitive call routing and termination packages. It’s installed on a provider’s website via a fully customisable widget – thus creating an easy way for any company anywhere to maintain automated cloud communications.

This revolutionary concept, which is completely unique, enables providers to speed up number ordering, offer superior customer support, and collapse inefficient back office operations simultaneously. It will therefore become the definitive way for providers to cut costs, create new revenue streams, and meet industry challenges head-on.

An unrivalled experience

The SpeakIntelligence solution has been 15 years in the making. We foresaw industry problems, saw the potential in automated numbers, and acted swiftly to establish relationship with operators across the world. Those who install our widget – and thus become ‘partners’ – will be able to offer ‘on-demand’ numbers for 2,500 cities in 150 counties across the world. This includes local, national, Freephone, premium, UIFN, and mobile numbers.

Partners’ customers will also enjoy an unrivalled service. They can select a call-routing package that suits them, manage and monitor their account, and access invaluable traffic reports. Features like IVR can be included, and anything from simple call forwarding to a full contact centre support is available. SpeakIntelligence can provide all the back office support and, crucially, no technical knowledge is required.

Our widget

The SpeakIntelligence widget is free for partners to use. It’s a standard web widget, is compatible any website, and it can be customised to reflect a provider’s branding. Installation is simple and only takes a few minutes. What’s more, there’s no monthly charge so it won’t take up any company resources.

Our webshop

Accessibility. Intelligence. Termination. The SpeakIntelligence webshop provides partners will all three. It’s a unique and market transforming solution that enables interactive, customisable, and dynamic number selection. Customers can also choose from one of three routing packages: basic, smart, and pro.

Crucially there’s no need to deal with different operators around the world either. Our webshop is fully automated and enables end-users to select and utilise multiple numbers for multiple locations on a single contract. Orders can be made in just a few clicks and numbers are activated immediately.

How it works for customers

Register èSelect a country è Select a number type (local, freephone etc) è Select routing package (basic, smart, pro) è Place order – login to customer portal è manage account è access reports and monitor performance

Why SpeakIntelligence?

Fully automated global inbound communications webshop

For any type of company, in any industry, anywhere

Numbers for more than 2,500 cities in 150 countries

On demand freephone, local, national, premium rated, UIFN, and mobile numbers

Three call routing options with self-service approach

Online customer and partner management

Online real-time reporting

No set-up or monthly fees

No technical knowledge required

Activated in just a few clicks

The revolution is here

SpeakIntelligence helps a partner’s whole organisation. Commercial managers can offer customers more; purchasing and finances departments only have to deal with one vendor; plus business development teams can offer technologies that enhance the customer experience.

We also provide free marketing support, including SEO friendly content, SEA professional advertising campaigns, search and display ads, advanced keyword research, service and maintenance. Everything is included except advertising expenditure. Partners are therefore reporting ROIs of up to 300%.



SpeakIntelligence will help any telecoms business that provides national, international, and toll free numbers – especially companies with a good customer base who realise automation is the best way to streamline their business. Those looking to add a new revenue stream will also be interested, as will domain and hosting providers.

Telecommunications providers

Everyone in telecoms companies will benefit, especially as the entire solution incurs zero costs and requires no technical knowledge. No engineers are needed and initial costs are restricted to advertising expenses.

Telecoms providers will be in complete control of billing, and will continue to own their customers. They will also continue to provide the numbers, although they won’t have to worry about stocking the correct amount or routing calls. SpeakIntelligence can also handle customer support if desired. Providers will also be happy because their customers will be happy.

Their customers

End-users crave self-service. It’s simpler and faster. The ability to order any type of number for 2,500 cities in over 150 countries with just a few clicks, and see these activated immediately (unless local legislation prohibits this), is a game-changer. The option to choose one of three call routing packages, with no restrictions in channels or concurrent calls per number, only enhances this compelling proposition.


SpeakIntelligence helps by replacing processes and back office operations with a fully automated system. This enables providers to collapse the systems they want to collapse, or to integrate the webshop with existing CRMs. The solution can therefore either be radical, and change the whole complexion of a business, or simply enhance certain aspects.


Our fully automated cloud communications pull together numbers from around the world and integrate them into a single platform. Every aspect of those numbers can then be managed easily, including IVR and internal routing. This has created an ever-growing marketplace with an ever-increasing number of partners.

Our ecosystem

We have a vision: a community of operators and providers working together in one community or ‘ecosystem’. This ecosystem consists of all the numbers and routes participators have brought together. We have API integration with vendors across the world, and have brought everything together in a one-stop-webshop for the convenience of customers.

Partners expand the ecosystem by adding their own numbers to our platform. They can use our webshop to sell their own products globally, and also resell the products of all other partners that belong to the ecosystem. This brings their products to a larger audience, and simultaneously enhances the inventory of products they can offer.

By becoming a partner, providers can therefore tap into something far greater than themselves. They can use SpeakIntelligence to sell automated numbers quickly and efficiently, plus they can utilise our marketing plans.

Sharing the wealth

Our business model is all about working together and sharing profits. Partners can make money in two ways:

  1. If they sell our default products on their website via the SpeakIntelligence widget they receive up to 25% commission on each sale.
  2. If they sell their own products via the SpeakIntelligence widget we receive the same percentage as a commission on each sale.

This system creates revenue sharing in both directions. Everybody wins.


Collapsing back office operations and making efficiencies through automation is a no-brainer for many organisations. For others, however, the changes can seem too radical. Our attitude is that no change is too radical if the benefits are obvious.

Although some providers will be tempted to offer weaker cloud-based call routing and termination packages, we strongly believe that our webshop provides the business blueprint of the future. In fact, even the largest telecoms companies will eventually see the benefit of dealing with a single partner that connects them to a wider international ecosystem.


Having said that, SpeakIntelligence understands that some companies may not want to go ‘all in’ – at least not immediately. Therefore we offer providers the flexibility to either collapse their back office entirely or to run our webshop alongside their existing operations. Some providers, for example, may just want to use our widget as an extra revenue stream to begin with.

Furthermore, SpeakIntelligence gives providers options. It doesn’t have to be ‘in’ or ‘out’. Providers can bring their existing numbers with them, plus they can sell their existing portfolio through our webshop rather than adopting SpeakIntelligence’s default products. Providers can also retain their CRMs if needs be. Indeed, our webshop can synchronise with any CRM. Partners can also retain their own IVR.

Case Study

The Dutch company MCXess adopted SpeakIntelligence to sell automated numbers, call routing and termination packages direct to their customers. In doing so they were able to collapse their entire back office. Our solution ultimately replaced their entire database, everything on their website, and made their finance and account handling teams superfluous.

MCXess also utilised our customer support and marketing strategy. The result? They metamorphosed from a team of over thirty employees into a team of one. Costs were cut, revenue rose, and the customer experience improved immeasurably.


For more information about our unique webshop please visit www.speakintelligence.com. You can also request a demonstration by calling 1234 567890.

Automation remains the most effective way, indeed the only way, for telecoms providers to cut costs and raise revenue in these turbulent times for the telecoms industry. And SpeakIntelligence’s widget and webshop is the most cost-effective and intelligent way to take advantage.


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