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The Rise of the G Suite Intranet | long form SEO article for Happeo

The humble intranet has evolved since the days when a static news update told you how Gerald did in the local 5k race – and we mean it’s evolved a lot. The technology revolution has hit the modern workplace in a big way, transforming how employees talk to each other, work with each other, get their jobs done.

But all that makes it sound boring and tecchy, which it admittedly has been in the past. Mention the word “SharePoint” to an internal comms team and you may just get an eye-roll and a swift change in conversation. The rise of the G Suite environment, first through Google apps for work and now Google collaboration tools and Google intranet solutions, is transforming how companies work, communicate and collaborate. The features they offer have a huge impact on productivity and efficiency while catering to the preferences of an increasingly Millennial and Gen Z workforce.

So what is this G Suite intranet? And why do you need an intranet anyway?

Keep reading to find out:

  • More about the shift to the cloud-based digital workplace.
  • How technology preferences change with age.
  • Why intranets are more than just communications channels.
  • What the G Suite is and why it’s on the rise.
  • How you can use Google collaboration tools as an intranet solution…
  • …but why you need an added integration to make it work.
  • And how other companies are harnessing the power of Google apps for work to transform their company processes.

Full report here.


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