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Remember that time…with the mini 70

The mini 70 is sweet – in the clever and oh-so-stylish sense. Jam-packed with fantastic must-try features, this awesome, compact instant camera may be light in weight but not in power.

Like the numerous automatic exposure control modes for taking the perfect selfie, providing the ideal brightness or even giving distance control. So, all you need to do is supply the family and friends and leave everything else to the mini 70.

Self-snapping without mistakes.

Own your best side with the mini 70’s Selfie mode. This special setting gives you just the right amount of brightness and focus you need for the most glorious self-portraits ever.

There’s even a selfie mirror on the front so you can perfectly position yourself and say goodbye to pictures that cut off heads, ears, chins…

Keeping memories fresh.

Offering super cute and incredibly handy credit card-sized prints, instax mini film uses high-quality film technology (as you’d expect from Fujifilm) to make sure your memories don’t fade.

So go on. Cover the fridge, build a pin-board or even send a one-off moment through the post. After all, fun action shots are even better when shared. 

Pixel perfect memories.

We’ve got a sweet spot for our mini film. That’s why we’ve sneaked the mini into the SHARE SP-2. And it’s just bursting to show off what it’s made of.

Using the professional high-quality film technology of Fujifilm and a high printing resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 320 dpi, your pictures will be clear, detailed, and eye-poppingly colourful.

It’s a keeper.

Whatever magic, mayhem or moment you decide to capture and preserve for years to come, SQUARE film will give your shots the edge with a neat white border.

Confident with looking stunning every time, your instant square prints use the same film and print tech as all our other Fujifilm products – and we’re not shy in saying we know a thing or two about iconic photography.

Bring on the film

Square, mini, wide? Choose your instax view

Why instax film?

With dazzling instant iconic-framed prints, stunning colour and professional high-quality film technology, we ask you why not?

Since the early 90s our scientists have been playing with all sorts of chemical combinations (don’t try this at home), and taken more than two million test pictures to get just the right results. Not too red, not too blue. Why? Because they’re perfectionists.

The magic within the film

Every single instax print has a polyethylene terephthalate base, coated with a photosensitive layer containing gelatin, silver halides and addictives. Phew, a mouthful right? All this science adds up to awesome grain quality on every print.

What about the processing chemical, you ask? It’s all housed in a pod, built into the film. Yep, all the alkali solution, carbon black and addictives are captured in a single laminate paper, polyvinyl resin and aluminium pod. Abracadabra!

The iconic design

Sure, you can send your pictures to print the old fashioned way. However, nothing matches the feel or look of an instax instant photo. Thick, sturdy, highly glossy – a photo that stands the test of time (even if the fashions don’t).

Oh, and did we mention it’s easy to load, so you can be snap happy in a jiffy?


Laura Glover

TMCM Copywriting | Freelance Creative Copywriter




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