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Tone of voice for a men’s clothing brand La Vida Loca

La Vida Loca – tone of voice

Getting the right tone of voice is essential, and that’s why La Vida Loca hired me. They wanted their new brand to have personality and attract their free-spirited customers to buy their high quality men’s shorts.

Our iconic designs embrace the spirit of wanderlust in every way

For all those free-spirited daydreamers and good-time Charlies, La Vida Loca celebrates the beach-to-bar life, the endless summer, and the possibility of the next adventure. Founded on the belief that life is what you make it, we embrace The Crazy Life and those spontaneous mavericks who dare to dream and embrace their best life. 

We’re all about positive vibes, inclusivity, authenticity, incredible stories, and happy serendipity. We’re not a normal brand, we’re always seeking out new experiences just like you, travelling the globe whenever we can. La Vida Loca was founded by a true free spirit, Lee Kitson, and that freedom is woven into the heart of our products. 

So, live your best one with us. Let’s experience this crazy life together. See you out there!

“An absolute asset to any brand. Di is a creatively inspiring wordsmith who’s genuine passions, enthusiasm, professionalism and positive approach to her craft is obvious from that first phone call/zoom/meeting. Di really captured the essence of what I was trying to create and more. Highly recommended for anyone looking for top talent, experience and personality for their brand.”


Dianne Vanstone

Blue Book Creative




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