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Travel article for Marrakech yoga retreat


Gemma needed an engaging travel piece to generate interest in her upcoming Marrakech retreat. The objective was to create a vibrant narrative that showcased Morocco as the perfect destination for those seeking a transformative yoga holiday.



Gemma Allies is a certified yoga instructor, massage therapist and corporate wellness provider. Since 2017, Gemma has been delivering workplace wellbeing events, and most recently, magical retreats in Santorini and Marrakech.


Spiritual, wistful, gentle, inviting and inspires wanderlust.


Gemma was very trusting, and after providing a short brief, she allowed me creative freedom in choosing the angle for the piece – thanks, Gemma!

Considering that many yoga retreats are set exclusively in remote, peaceful locations, I recognised that Marrakech might not be the typical choice for seekers of tranquillity. 

I decided to embrace this objection, shaping the narrative around how the dynamic medina and the serene mountains serve as an ideal environment to develop the skills needed to find inner peace amidst life’s chaos.

This approach also aligns with Gemma’s audience — spirited individuals who want to balance adventure with relaxation.



Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the attachment to view the finished piece.



“Emma recently wrote an article for my wellness retreat business, with the specific objective of uncovering why Marrakech is the ideal location for a wellness retreat.

She worked with me in a collaborative way, firstly gaining clarity on my tone of voice and business values, so that her writing would be in keeping with that.

She also ensured that she had a clear understanding of who my target audience was so that she was able to craft something that spoke directly to them in a way that sounded authentic.

The article itself transports the reader on a journey – it is colourful, creative and vivid, appealing to the reader’s sensory experience – something that was extremely important to me, since Marrakech is such a sensory place, and the retreat is themed around the 5 elements of nature.

Emma’s writing style is highly descriptive and engaging – it felt easy to read and yet painted such a clear picture of the destination, drawing the reader in and yet leaving them wanting more.

Throughout the process Emma was extremely good at communicating with me, her client care was excellent and I felt as though she genuinely cared and had a genuine passion for what she was doing. Nothing was too much to ask, and she was keen to ensure I was happy and any adjustments were made before sign-off – although truth be told they weren’t needed.

Thank you Emma for such a great job and being so collaborative.




From medina to mountain - Why Marrakech is the perfect place to find peace


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